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I haven't been doing this for long, so I don't have a huge portfolio, but I am proud to say that all my clients have happily recommended me to friends & colleagues elsewhere, so I must be doing something right. Much of my work to date has been for charities, who I offer a discounted rate to, which is why you'll see a link to on some of these developments...that's my other site.

If you click on any of the buttons below, you can see more information about what features have been implemented on the site in question. is a membership site for charities and non-profits in Bath & North East Somerset to encourage sharing of best practices and give an aggregated voice to such groups with local government.

"Simon simplified our site and made it much easier to maintain. He was approachable and diligent throughout the process and made sure the website matched our needs."

A charity providing user-led support for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities. Their site provides details of their services, news, an online store, café menus among other things.

"We had a very clear idea of what we wanted from our new site — Simon delivered all that and added improvements that we hadn't even thought of."

A community help site developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to help to bring some compassion to the communities in Bath & North East Somerset and share availability of help with those who need it.

"We needed someone to simplify and improve our existing website. Simon was able to achieve some things that I didn't think were possible with Wix."

A charity offering free, impartial mentoring and coaching for young people experiencing youth homelessness, focused on personal well-being.

"I needed a Wix Expert to finish up my site and add the donation pages. Simon delivered exactly what I was after at a great price."

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